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Public-Private Collaboration


The Weathersby Strategic Consulting team has extensive experience in the creation, administration and operation of nonprofit organizations.  We understand that nonprofits are unique entities designed to leverage the collective and collaborative resources of multiple stakeholders for the mutual benefits of its membership and the community interests it represents.  We have established and operated several successful organizations, including 501 (c) (3) technology research entities and charity operations, and a national 501 (c) (6) trade association.  We can apply decades worth of knowledge and experience to help your organization be successful.

Services include:

  • Strategic objectives and organizational formation

  • Documentation and administrative support

  • Key stakeholder recruitment and management

  • Membership and stakeholder management

  • Fund raising, grants and support events

  • Program Management for Public-Sector Projects

  • Research & Development activities

  • Building and managing Academic Consortium

  • Economic Development Initiatives

  • Public-Private Consortium

  • Lesson of Hard Knocks (aka: all the boneheaded mistakes we've made that you don't have to)

Examples of our work

Open Technology Center of Excellence, Inc.

The Open Technology Center (OTC) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit research organization established through federal support to facilitate development and implementation of open technology solutions that support national defense and homeland security objectives. OTC program activities seek to enhance operational capabilities of rural and under-served state and local public safety, public service and public administration agencies across the nation.

  • Services provided OTC: Weathersby Strategic Consulting served as the conceptual found and administrator of the Open Technology Center.  We helped secure key government stakeholders (DHS, DoD, Mississippi National Guard); facilitated organizational documentation and operations; and led all program activities which included securing more than $2M in prime DoD contract funding within the initial 18 months of operation.

Chaplain's Well, Inc. 

Chaplain’s Well (501 c 3) provides emergency financial support to MS National Guard members, families and veterans. We focus on a holistic, resiliency-based approach of providing financial, spiritual, occupational and behavioral health services through direct assistance, referral to, and facilitation of, programs currently existing to assist the same.  The goal is to help service members to establish a healthy resilient routines of life so that they will stable and eventually begin to assist others. This program will be a “hand up “and not a “hand out”. This program is a non-profit charity with a focus on the Mississippi National Guard.

  • Services provided to Chaplain's Well: The Weathersby Strategic Consulting team served as founding members of Chaplain's Well and served as advisors in the formation and implementation of all program activities.  Weathersby representatives continue to serve as a principle board member for Chaplain's Well.

Open Source Software Institute

The Open Source Software Institute was a leading Washington, DC-based technology trade association established to bridge the gap between the burgeoning open source software industry and the world’s largest single consumer and user of IT products and services, the U.S. federal government.

  • Services provided OSSI: John Weathersby was the founder and executive director of the Open Source Software Institute in 2000 and lead the national trade association until 2013.   In 2009, OSSI's successful operation and impact within the federal market was featured in a peer-review journal study, "Open source collaboration: Two cases in the U.S. public sector."  

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