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Commercial Programs

You cannot separate the essential concepts of solid business practices from successful public or private sector activities.  We recognize the differences in government and commercial activities, but they both rely on certain foundational principles: honesty; integrity; reliability; diligence; intelligence; and let's not forget a dose of street smarts.  That's what we provide to our commercial clients, along with hands-on experience in working within civilian, defense and security government agencies.

Specific services we provide to the majority of our clients include:

  • Business development

  • Collaboration with Government / Defense stakeholders

  • Small business (start-up & 8a) operational support and consulting

  • Networking and advisory support regarding who within government organizations you really need to speak with to impact your business objectives

  • Proposal and contract management

  • Program management and delivery

  • Marketing and sales support

  • Conferences, seminars, training events

  • Technology transfer and demonstration events

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