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The following are programs and projects that Weathersby Strategic Consulting has directed or served as a consultant over the past two decades.

Strategic Vision Initiatives

  • INNOVATE Camp Shelby  - an economic development roadmap for Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center and other regional military installations within the Southeastern Defense Corridor designed to identify, coordinate and leverage collaborative assets and mission objectives in order to prevent post-GWOT BRAC downsizing.

  • DoD Designates Gulfport as Strategic Seaport -  The Mississippi State Port Authority was notified by the U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration (MARAD) that the Port of Gulfport has been designated as a Strategic Seaport by the Commander, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC). 

  • Trusted Code Initiative - a strategic vision document crafted for federal stakeholders to address issues regarding development of a viable model and process for securing and maintaining federal information assurance requirements and use of open source software within federal IT enterprise system. 

  • Open Source Software Institute - (site archive) - OSSI was a 501 c 6 nonprofit trade association whose mission was to promote the development and implementation of open source software solutions with US federal, state and local government agencies. 

  • DHS Homeland Open Security Technology (HOST) Program - Co-developer with DHS ~ The mission of the Homeland Open Security Technology (HOST) program is to investigate open security methods, models and technologies and identify viable and sustainable approaches that support national cyber security objectives.  To achieve this mission, HOST led efforts of discovery, collaboration and seeding development in open source software and practices that produce a measurable impact.

  • Cooperative Research & Development Agreement with Naval Oceanographic Office, Stennis Space Center - OSSI conducted one of the first (2001) in-depth efforts to identify and  document use of open source software within U.S. military systems. Report findings in 2003 of extensive usage of open-source software within U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office's (NAVOCEANO) enterprise-level systems led to the Department of the Navy, Office of CIO establishing policy guidance on use of OSS within Navy and Marine Corps systems (2007) which signaled the formal approval for OSS within DoD systems.

Federal Policy Guidance

Program Management​

  • FIPS 140-2 Validation of OpenSSL (Open Source Software Institute) - Vendor Program Manager and liaison with industry and government stakeholders in programs to secure FIPS 140-2 Validation for OpenSSL (Certificates: 642, 733, 918, 1051, 1111).

  • Camp Shelby Secure Information Sharing (SIS) Prototype - program purpose to facilitate WeSITC's research, design, development, fielding, demonstration and transition of emerging technology prototypes in support of joint-agency national defense and homeland security Communities of Interest.

Technology Training Programs

  • Open Technology Training Academy  (Open Technology Center) - Program Director ~ Open source technology training and professional certification for Soldiers, Veterans and civilian personnel to promote and enhance workforce development and assist in employment placement for military personnel during military demobilization/draw-down.​​

Conferences, Technology Showcases & Special Events

  • Cyber Awareness Forum Conferences: (Open Technology Center) Co-hosted by Federal Bureau of Investigation, Infragard and DHS S&T 


  • National Security Agency Open Source Industry Day (Open Source Software Institute) - Event co-coordinator and event host ~ The National Security Agency, in partnership with the Open Source Software Institute, will host an Open Source Software Industry Day conference at Johns Hopkins University APL Kossiakoff Conference Center in Laurel, Md. The event featured speakers from the NSA, industry and open source development community experts.

  • "Battle Run and Fitness Festival" (Open Technology Center) -  Veterans, their families and other members of the Hattiesburg community gathered at Anatomies Family Fitness Center Saturday to raise money for a newly-formed organization that helps soldiers in need.  They took part in the inaugural "Battle Run and Fitness Festival." It was a 5-K event with seven different and challenging obstacles. All proceeds went to "Chaplain's Well." That organization, founded earlier this year, gives financial support to National Guard soldiers and helps them readjust to civilian life after deployment or mobilization.   

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